5 PSVR 2 predictions for Sony’s State of Play showcase

Tomorrow, Sony will finally lift the veil on at least part of what it has in store for PSVR 2.

PlayStation’s State of Play showcase returns at 3:00 PM PT on June 2. Along with updates on third-party flatscreen games, Sony is promising a “sneak peek at several games in development for PlayStation VR2”. The show should last just under 30 minutes.

Recently, State of Play shows haven’t been where Sony makes its giant announcements – those have been saved for a bigger PlayStation showcase in 2021 – so we’re not expecting an exhaustive amount of information reaches us. But we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a tantalizing preview of what’s to come for the PS5 VR headset, including reveals of several big titles. Here are our predictions.

Horizon Call of the Mountain Gameplay

There are currently a handful of confirmed PSVR 2 games, but Sony’s own Horizon Call Of The Mountain is the only one the company has officially acknowledged. We only got a few glimpses of the game at CES 2022 in January, but expect to see more during tomorrow’s showcase. Developed by The Persistence studio, Firesprite, Call Of The Mountain is likely to make full use of most if not all of PSVR 2’s new features in one way or another, so it’s undoubtedly one of the games that Sony will most want to talk about.

New Native VR Games: Firewall 2, Coatsink’s VR Project

While hopes are high for huge announcements of beloved series tomorrow, it’s also important that Sony shows its commitment to exclusive VR developers and games made specifically for the platform. To that end, we expect to hear news from more dedicated studios creating titles you can’t play without PSVR 2. First Contact Entertainment has already confirmed that they are working on a PSVR 2 project and, as developers of the wildly popular Firewall Zero Hour, a sequel seems like a good bet. Coatsink is also working on a PSVR 2 launch title, which would be a cooperative survival game. Again, that seems like a safe prediction.

Support for flat screens: Gran Turismo 7 VR and Resident Evil 8 VR

We also expect PSVR 2 to feature a wider range of hybrid VR games that can be played with and without the headset, similar to Hitman 3 and No Man’s Sky on the original PSVR. Such a strategy could entice PS5 owners to grab a headset to review their existing gaming category. In this category, the two most obvious choices for us are Resident Evil 8 and Gran Turismo 7. VR support has been rumored for years and oldtimers in both series had headset support. Original PSVR. An announcement for either would be an easy win for Sony.

Ports & Remasters: Half-Life: Alyx, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Bonelab

With the increased power of the PS5, it’s also likely that we’re about to see many games move from PSVR 1 to PSVR 2 with remastered graphics or even hit the PlayStation platform for the first time, having only only been available on PC before. Of this category, by far the most anticipated title is Half-Life: Alyx, which just makes too much sense not to come to PSVR 2 at some point. But we’re also holding out hope for news on VR’s other two powerful action series – The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners with its upcoming second chapter, or Bonelab, the planned follow-up to Stress Level Zero Boneworks. Again, any confirmation of any of these three games would be great news for PSVR fans.

No PSVR 2 price reveal, but maybe a release window

Sony has been remarkably quiet on the PSVR 2 release details. To date, it hasn’t even mentioned what year it expects the headset to release, let alone a season, a month or a specific day. But this silence is worth a thousand words; it’s clear that the ongoing supply chain issues brought on by COVID – which have hampered shipments and sales of the PS5 itself – have made it incredibly difficult to engage on a timeline. Still, speculation points to a Q1 2023 release and we wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that the PSVR 2 will indeed miss out on a 2022 launch during tomorrow’s State of Play. That said, if the kit is still more than six months away, we don’t expect to hear a word about pricing.

These are our PSVR 2 predictions for tomorrow’s state of play. Looking for more helmet information? Keep track of everything we know about the device here and every confirmed and rumored game for the headset here.

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