5 Popular Types of Business Apps for Mobile Phones

A good business means smart profit and less expense. However, in the current era without using the latest technologies, it is considered impossible to maintain and grow businesses. Therefore, focusing on the importance of the latest technologies, here we present the best business applications.

Which are freely accessible online and do not require any subscription or registration. The versions we will support here are purely original and free to access. Still, some of them may require subscriptions to access premium options.

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But we can assure users that the subscription plans will be affordable and reliable. Don’t forget we dig deeper and offer this great collection of apps. If you want to explore related free apps, visit lusogamer.com

What are enterprise applications

Line-of-business applications are those that are perfect for providing functionality. These will help manage expenses and present the actual profits of the business. The process of using such apps never requires expert skills.

When we look back in history and explore old business models. Then most businesses were maintained using logbooks. The reason for using these records and other copies is to manage the process smoothly.

Although this process is considered perfect for small shops and restaurants. But when it comes to big business, they fail. The reason is due to the mixing of numbers and the absence of numbers when using.

To calculate profits and manage expenses, business owners need to hire third-party audit companies. To check financial references and calculate expenses. The same process has been used for different other companies and industries.

Even small stores still use the same method. But in reality, the method was considered old and businesses cannot grow exponentially through this system. Thus considering the importance of business and profit calculation.

The developers manage to bring some of the best collections of the system online. Where users can easily operate and run multiple financial numbers. But when it comes to accessibility, users need to purchase a subscription first.

Because without purchasing the subscription, it is considered impossible for users to gain accessibility. According to an estimate online, the cost of purchasing a subscription can exceed hundreds of dollars. Which is expensive and unaffordable for mobile users.

Thus considering the problems of user comfort and financial accessibility. Today we are back with this great collection of business apps. Which are specially structured and designed focusing on small and large businesses.

Also, here the apps we feature for people are free to access. But those who want to go professional and enjoy the premium features of the platform. Then those recommended to access pay a small fee and get access to pro-level options.

Best Android Business Apps
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If you are looking for a comfortable and user-friendly accounting application. It helps to monitor expenses and always calculate and display company profits. Next, we recommend mobile users download and install QuickBooks.

The operational version of the application file can be accessed from the official site. The positive side of this application is to provide original credentials. This not only helps reduce expenses, but also reduces taxes.

Remember that the platform offers free access to some extent. Once you are satisfied with the features accessible for free and looking to unlock other professional options. Then pay little money as a fee and enjoy access to premium features.

QuickBooks Time Tracking

Most companies use manual sheets and registers to track employee attendance. But in reality, these timecards are editable. And company administrations have already experienced such problems in the past.

But now this problem is definitely solved by the developers using the latest technologies. Now, the integration of the QuickBooks Time Tracking application into the system will allow administration. To monitor and track employees.

Square point of sale

Nowadays, the world has become a global village thanks to internet connectivity. This means selling online has become a key opportunity. Through which people all over the world can easily buy and sell products instantly.

Focusing on the same goal, the developers are back with another online platform called Square Point of Sale. Where registered members can easily upload and sell their products and services. Remember that the platform will offset minor usage fees.


Although Skype has always been categorized under the communication section. Even people use the platform for communication and chat purposes. But in reality, the platform was actually structured focusing on the enterprise community and its support.

In addition to providing communication options, registered members can take advantage of the meeting option. Recently, when the pandemic was at its peak, this platform was considered among the top few online platforms.

Although at the start, the developers only launched computer software for users. But now the Android version of the app is also accessible to use. Just install the app in your smartphone and easily organize and attend conferences and business meetings online.


The best and most trusted online Android application. This allows team members to attend multiple meetings and get a daily to-do list. Where work plus projects will be mentioned. Remember that the process of installing the app integration is simple.

However, the developers implement this advanced help center. This allows beginners to learn more about usage and solve problems instantly. So you are ready to enjoy the premium features of the app and then access it from the official platform.

Last words

You still admire learning business skills and managing your online project. But always end up choosing the wrong platform. So don’t worry because here we present the best free and excellent business apps in terms of service offering.

Posted on February 18, 2022

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