Credit with debts – how do you get it?

Is it possible to take out a debt loan

Many are wondering if it is possible to take out a debt loan. This question is not unjustified, because not every bank is ready! Many want to replace old loans with a debt loan. So they would only have a payment obligation instead of many. Rescheduling is worthwhile only if it also saves on borrowing costs and thus reduces the monthly burdens. This can be done, for example, by a longer term, so that the monthly installments are smaller or the interest rate of the new loan is lower. Visit for a summary

Use credit with debt collection

A Dispo is always associated with debt, because the money which is used, the customer has not but the bank. Anyone who has been to the dispo knows how expensive it is, because the interest that has to be paid, it is in itself and are very high. Thus, the customer can save a lot of money if he takes out a loan with debts to make up for the loan. The interest rates are sometimes up to eight percent lower, so that a lot of money can be saved. The bank earns heavily in the overdraft of the Dispo, but also do not want to lose the customer. In this case, banks often issue a loan with debts.

Save money on debt restructuring

Money should not always be saved when a loan is taken out. Existing obligations, which may already exist for a few years, should simply be repaid with a debt loan so that the monthly burdens do not overwhelm the client. It is important that the new rate should always be lower than the old one. Otherwise, rescheduling would not make sense. Credit costs play rather a minor role, it should be paid only old loans. A rescheduling is only successful if the customer has a good credit rating. If there are too many entries in the credit bureau, the bank can also reject a loan because they fear a loan default. What is important is that old loans have always been paid off, so that the bank sees the will of the customer to pay the new loan regularly.