Buyback and Consolidation of Credits

What is the redemption of credits?

Without changing banks Loan consolidation, also known as “loan redemption”, greatly reduces the borrower’s overall monthly payment, which on the one hand facilitates the management of his budget and on the other hand makes him a better profile. customer. Loan consolidation makes it possible to save again and prepare for the future, buying real estate is no longer impossible!

Who is involved in a credit consolidation?

A loan consolidation fits all profiles. That you are owner of your home or tenant, employee or professional, single or living with family, our financial solutions adapt to your situation. The repurchase of credits does not concern only the people in situation of overindebtedness.

Over the course of life, many situations are accompanied by a budgetary variation or even a fall in income whether anticipated or not.

A real estate investment, the realization of work, the purchase of a car, an accident of life, the studies of the children… are so many contexts where a redemption of credits may be necessary.

The financial solutions offered by Partners Finances are completely personalized and therefore adapted to your situation. The grouping of credits by Partners Finances is a quick solution to lighten your monthly loan payments by extending the duration of your repayments.

Find all the useful tools to calculate your debt ratio or realize your depreciation schedule.

More than 2 million households solicited Partners Finances for a loan buyback.

How to apply for a repurchase of credit?

To make a purchase of credits, the simplest and quickest solution is to do an online simulation.

The request for redemption of credits is fast, free and without commitment. In about 3 minutes, your request is recorded.

The +: when you study your financial situation, you have the possibility of integrating a cash requirement that will be integrated into your global loan consolidation.

How is a grouping of credits organized?

The first step is to validate an online application.

The collected data allow to establish a first study of your situation. Our account manager will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the data entered. A proposal to buy back credits will be sent to you.

After agreement on your part, the file is sent to one of our banking partners. Following the signature of the offer, the release of funds is effective.

Each folder is unique. Your contact person will present you the solution best adapted to your situation. We ensure complete confidentiality in the processing of your debt consolidation file.

The 5 steps of credit redemption

– The board
of our analysts Whether it is a repurchase of real estate credit or a group of consumer credit, a study of your file is possible. Be aware that it is possible to include in these operations a possible need for cash. Solutions exist to reduce your monthly payments. Do not wait until your situation is irretrievably compromised; a buyout of credits can solve your excessive debt.

What is the operation of a credit redemption?

A repurchase of credit consists in regrouping all of your current credits into a single credit.

You have the possibility to include all your loans: mortgage, car loan, work credit, family debts, bank overdrafts…

Thus, you would have a simple monthly payment with a single rate.

See an example of buying back homeowner loans

The duration of the loan is extended; the cost of credit increased. On the other hand, your monthly payment can decrease up to 60% *.

The offer to buy back credits is subject to conditions. The feasibility of a grouping of credits is studied by our account managers. In order to be fixed on the eligibility of your situation, we invite you to complete our online request:

Free simulation The loan buyback project will be studied according to your repayment capabilities