A loan for the start of operations

You already have a business idea, but you lack the right resources to make your dream come true? You do not have to postpone plans for later. All you need is a quick loan to start. Where can you get it? What conditions must be met? How much can you borrow?

Depending on the industry and the type of business, the company may require several to even tens of thousands of zlotys to start. It all depends on what initial expenses will have to be borne. Establishing a company is free, but we have to prepare for regular costs from the first day of operation.

The money is spent, among others, on the purchase of the company’s equipment, goods, on setting up a website and marketing. Also, sometimes the company immediately employs employees, in the same must pay them a salary. These are just a few examples, because every business is different.

When there is not enough money to start a company

When there is not enough money to start a company

If the entrepreneur does not have sufficient sum of money to cover all costs related to the start-up, he can use the forms of external financing. In this category there are, among others, various subsidies, as well as loans for start.

Subsidies are a good choice because they do not need to be returned if certain requirements are met. On the other hand, however, we should remember that not every company is able to receive co-financing. When we can not get around to them, the most common choice is the credit for new companies.

Where to get a loan for a new company?

get a loan and money

Financing for new enterprises is available at both banks and non-bank lending companies. We must remember that the requirements and limits for individual lenders will be different.

Banks usually offer loans to customers of up to 20,000 or 30,000 PLN for start-up. The amount can be spread even for 5 years, so we can get a low installment then. To obtain a loan, we must provide relevant documents, including those related to the establishment of the company. We can not have debts in BIG and BIK databases – in case of any debts, the bank may refuse to grant us financing. As they are high-risk loans, banks carefully check their clients. Some of them require additional conditions to be met, such as a surety. Often, along with the loan, we also need to set up a bank account – it is worth checking its fees.

In non-bank loan companies, we will be able to get a loan for the start of the company, usually around 10,000 PLN. The debt repayment period usually brings up to 2 years. Therefore, in the non-banking company, most often we borrow less, but we can count on better conditions – there is no need to present any securities, for example sureties. There is also no need to provide accounting and banking documents.

Credit from the first day of operation


What is important, we can get a start loan from the first day of running a business. In principle, we can apply for it immediately after registering your company, for example via the internet.

This is due to the fact that we have to enter the data of our newly founded company into the loan application. Therefore, we do not have the possibility to take a loan to the company before it is established.